Letters & Notes

The Selected Letters of Louis Zukofsky. Edited by Barry Ahearn (published online, 2013).

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Marginalia by Louis Zukofsky by Celia Zukofsky (1979). Available online Z-site; see also editor’s notes
L.Z.’s notes to 80 flowers by Celia Zukofsky (1978/2018). Available online Z-site; see also editor’s notes.
80 Flowers notebooks, five sample pages transcribed by Alex Grafen.
LZ notes on the Bible, edited by Benoît Turquety and JTW. Go direct to transcript (published online, 2015).
LZ notes for “‘Mantis.'”
Transcript from GAMUT: 90 Trees notebook.

Paul Zukofsky on “Louis Zukofsky’s Marginalia” (2004). 


Other LZ correspondence:


Pound/Zukofsky: Selected Letters of Ezra Pound and Louis Zukofsky. Ed. Barry Ahearn. NY: New Directions, 1987.

The Correspondence of William Carlos Williams and Louis Zukofsky. Ed. Barry Ahearn. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan UP, 2003. List of corrections and emendations here.

“Three Letters to Cid Corman.” Origin, second series 1 (April 1961): 46-47 [excerpts dated 11 July, 13 Aug. & 25 Aug. 1960]. Two letters rpt. The Gist of Origin, ed. Cid Corman (New York: Grossman, 1975): 160. Even briefer extracts from all three excerpts plus an additional passage from another letter dated 30 Sept. 1960 are included in Corman’s “In the Event of Words” in Terrell 326-327.

[Remark on Picasso]. Origin 13, second series (April 1964) [as part of an exchange on “The Picasso Confession,” a couple of phrases quoted from 5 Dec. 1963 letter to Cid Corman].

“Letters between Zukofsky and Ezra Pound.” Ed. Barry Ahearn. Montemora 8 (1981): 158-165 [includes some letters not in EP/LZ].

Ahearn, Barry, Zukofsky’s “A”: An Introduction. Berkeley: U of California Press, 1983 [includes excerpts from letters, especially from Lorine Niedecker].

“A Letter to Robert Creeley” [dated 11 Oct. 1955, included in SL], Robert Creeley’s Life and Work: A Sense of Increment. Ed. John Wilson. Ann Arbor, MI: U of Michigan P, 1987. 32-33.

“Two Letters to Cid Corman.” Line 14 (Fall 1989): 3-10.

“Selected Correspondence (1930-1976).” Ed. Barry Ahearn. Chicago Review 50.2/3/4 (Winter 2004/05): 39-50 [8 letters to EP, Robert Creeley, David Ignatow, Henry Rago, Mary Ellen Solt, Hugh Kenner, Tom Maschler and Gilbert Sorrentino; all included in SL except 21 April 1962 letter to Rago and 10 June 1976 letter to Sorrentino].