Letters & Notes

The Selected Letters of Louis Zukofsky. Edited by Barry Ahearn (published online, 2013).

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Marginalia by Louis Zukofsky by Celia Zukofsky (1979). Available online Z-site; see also editor’s notes
L.Z.’s notes to 80 flowers by Celia Zukofsky (1978/2018). Available online Z-site; see also editor’s notes.
LZ notes on the Bible, edited by Benoît Turquety and JTW. Go direct to transcript (published online, 2015).
LZ notes for “‘Mantis.'”
Transcript from GAMUT: 90 Trees notebook.

Paul Zukofsky on “Louis Zukofsky’s Marginalia” (2004). 


Other LZ correspondence:


Pound/Zukofsky: Selected Letters of Ezra Pound and Louis Zukofsky. Ed. Barry Ahearn. NY: New Directions, 1987.

The Correspondence of William Carlos Williams and Louis Zukofsky. Ed. Barry Ahearn. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan UP, 2003. List of corrections and emendations here.

“Three Letters to Cid Corman.” Origin, second series 1 (April 1961): 46-47 [excerpts dated 11 July, 13 Aug. & 25 Aug. 1960]. Two letters rpt. The Gist of Origin, ed. Cid Corman (New York: Grossman, 1975): 160. Even briefer extracts from all three excerpts plus an additional passage from another letter dated 30 Sept. 1960 are included in Corman’s “In the Event of Words” in Terrell 326-327.

[Remark on Picasso]. Origin 13, second series (April 1964) [as part of an exchange on “The Picasso Confession,” a couple of phrases quoted from 5 Dec. 1963 letter to Cid Corman].

“Letters between Zukofsky and Ezra Pound.” Ed. Barry Ahearn. Montemora 8 (1981): 158-165 [includes some letters not in EP/LZ].

Ahearn, Barry, Zukofsky’s “A”: An Introduction. Berkeley: U of California Press, 1983 [includes excerpts from letters, especially from Lorine Niedecker].

“A Letter to Robert Creeley” [dated 11 Oct. 1955, included in SL], Robert Creeley’s Life and Work: A Sense of Increment. Ed. John Wilson. Ann Arbor, MI: U of Michigan P, 1987. 32-33.

“Two Letters to Cid Corman.” Line 14 (Fall 1989): 3-10.

“Selected Correspondence (1930-1976).” Ed. Barry Ahearn. Chicago Review 50.2/3/4 (Winter 2004/05): 39-50 [8 letters to EP, Robert Creeley, David Ignatow, Henry Rago, Mary Ellen Solt, Hugh Kenner, Tom Maschler and Gilbert Sorrentino; all included in SL except 21 April 1962 letter to Rago and 10 June 1976 letter to Sorrentino].