Notes to “A”

Numbered references are to page number followed by line number (e.g. 234.8 = page 234, line 8) according to the complete edition of “A”—in this respect all three printings of the complete “A” are identical. References within the notes to other movements add the movement number (e.g. 12.234.8 = movement 12, page 234, line 8).

  • Except for the numbered title at the head of each movement, every line is counted that has something printed on it, including dedications, sub-movement numbers and non-alphabetic symbols or figures.
  • No effort has been made to identify run-on lines, so lines are strictly determined by the typographical layout of the current editions.
  • Internal references are linked if the reference is to information in another note, unless the note is very near by, but if not linked this indicates the repetition of similar or identical phraseology, imagery, etc. and therefore requires reference to the original text of “A” to be meaningful.