This companion to the works of the American modernist poet Louis Zukofsky (1904-1978) is a site in progress, and for a quick overview of the current state of its contents, see the Editor’s Notes. This is conceived as a collaborative project, and all additions, corrections and suggestions—however small—are appreciated.

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I. Notes to “A VII. Celia Zukofsky & American Friends
II. Notes to Poetry VIII.  LZ Chronology
III. Notes to Prose IX. Textual Notes
IV.  Bibliographies & Research X. Z-Notes: Commentary on LZ
V. Letters & MarginaliaSelected Letters XI. Editor’s Notes
VI. LZ Library XII. Copyright Notice

Abbreviations used:

Names   Zukofsky’s Works (see full bibliography)
LZ Louis Zukofsky Arise Arise, Arise
CZ Celia Zukofsky Bottom Bottom: on Shakespeare
PZ Paul Zukofsky CF Collected Fiction
EP Ezra Pound CSP Complete Short Poetry
William Carlos Williams
HRC LZ Archive at the Ransom Humanities
Research Center, U of Texas, Austin
    Prep+ Prepositions+: Collected Critical Essays
    TP A Test of Poetry

Pound/Zukofsky: Selected Letters of
Ezra Pound
and Louis Zukofsky

    SL Selected Letters of Louis Zukofsky
    WCW/LZ Correspondence of William Carlos Williams
and Louis Zukofsky
    PZA Paul Zukofsky Archive
Languages    Dictionaries  
Fr. French  AHD American Heritage Dictionary
Ger. German  CD Century Dictionary
Gk. Greek  WD Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 5th edition
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L. Latin    


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