Chronology of LZ’s Compositions and Publications

The following lists all LZ’s compositions and publications during his lifetime—concluding with 80 Flowers and the complete edition of “A”. In the publications column, within each year, works are subdivided into three groupings: books or other individual publications, journal publications, and anthology publications; and within each of these groupings, publications have been arranged as much are as possible in chronological order based on available information.

This information is primarily indebted to Celia Zukofsky’s A Bibliography of Louis Zukofsky (1969), with updates included in the “Year by Year Bibliography of Louis Zukofsky” (Terrell 1979). Additional information, particularly specific composition dates, is supplied by Booth (1975), Henderson (1987) and Leggott (1989); see Note on Composition Dates. Additional information, especially for publications subsequent to CZ’s Bibliography, is thanks to Mark Scroggins.

Note on dating of early poems: no holograph versions, which LZ typically dated, survive of the poems LZ published during his Columbia University student days; however, the incomplete HRC holdings of the journals in which these poems appeared often have dates added in LZ’s hand, which is the source used here for these composition dates (1918-1921).

The following abbreviations have been used for book publications: 29P = 29 Poems and 29S = 29 Songs (both in 55 Poems, 1941), Anew = Anew (1946), ST = Some Time (1956), BW = Barely and widely (1958), I’s = I’s (pronounced eyes) (1963), AI’s = After I’s (1964), Prep = Prepositions (1967), Prep exp ed. = Prepositions, expanded edition (1981); Prep+ = Prepositions+ (2000), DP = Discarded Poems (in Terrell 1979), CF = Collected Fiction.

For a list with basic information on the journals and presses who published LZ, go here.




“Walking Down the White Sand Street of Kamakura”



“The Faun Sees”


“Sanity,” The Caliper (Oct.): 15.
“The Sea,” “The Rain.” The Caliper (Nov.): 15, 20.


“Undulations” (29 Aug.)
“The Seer (To Rabindranath Tagore)” (31 Aug.)

The First Seasons by “Dunn Wyth.” (c. 1920-1924) [typescript of early poems with a brief note dated 23 Jan. 1941, the only known copy is at the HRC; none published except for “I Sent Thee Late” incorporated into “A”-18 (1966). This selection is divided into two halves: “The First Book” consisting of 31 poems, followed by 28 poems continuously numbered but subdivided into “Spring,” “Summer” and “Fall”].


“Dawn After Storm,” Varsity: The Columbia Literary Monthly 2.1 (Nov.). 16.

“Monody,” The Morningside 9.2 (Nov.): 38.

“Youth,” The Morningside 9.3 (Dec.): 99.



“Sun and Rainbow”
“An Immortality”
“Autumn Sunrise” (Summer)
“Moments” (Summer)
“Spare Us of Dying Beauty” (Summer)
“Louis XIV Chamber (Metropolitan Museum)” (17 July)
“The Mystic Song” (July)


“Walking Down the White Sand Streets of Kamakura,” The Morningside 9.4 (Jan.). [n.p.].

“Undulations”; “Wolf”; “The Seer (To Rabindranath Tagore).” The Morningside 9.5 (Feb.): 152-153.

“Sea-Nymph’s Prayer to Okeanos,” Varsity: The Columbia Literary Monthly 2.3 (Feb.): 8.

“Dark Room,” “Silver Moment,” Varsity: The Columbia Literary Monthly 2.4 (March): 19.

“The Faun Sees,” The Morningside 9.7 (April): 239; The Pagan 6.4/5 (Aug.-Sept.): 7-8.

“Dawn After Storm,” The Pagan 6.2/3 (June-July); New York Tribune (14 Aug.): Part II, 1.

“Mood,” The Pagan 6.6/7 (Oct.-Nov.): 60.

“Earth Counts a Day” [a play], The Morningside 10.1 (Nov.): 1-8.

“Louis XIV Chamber (Metropolitan Museum)”; “The Mystic Song,” The Morningside 10.2 (Dec.): 42.


“Silver Moment.” The Poets of the Future: A College Anthology for 1920-1921, ed. Henry T. Schnittkind. Boston: The Stratford Co. Publ., 1921. 28.



Vast, tremulous [I Sent Thee Late]


“Autumn Sunrise,” The Morningside 10.3 (Feb.): 157.

“Sun and Rainbow,” The Morningside 10.4 (March): 103.

“Autumn Sunrise”; “Moments”; “Spare Us of Dying Beauty”; “Louis XIV Chamber”; “The Mystic Song,” The Morningside 10.5-6 (April-May): 157-159.

“Moments,” New York Tribune (21 May): Part II, 1.

“Louis XIV Chamber (Metropolitan Museum).” Voices: A Journal of Verse 2.5 [Sonnet Number] (Aug.-Sept): 168.

“Autumn Sunrise,” The Philadelphia Public Ledger (7 Oct.).

“An Immortality,” The Morningside 11.1 (Nov.): 10.



The movement of clouds have not a mind’s precision (3 May) [DP]

A Parable of Time (Summer?)

No sound. But sun (16 Aug.)

(The Master Aristippus) [What shall I do for money, my friend] (19 Sept.) [DP]

How their shapely throats breathe as of song! (22 Nov.) [DP]

tam cari capitis (27 Nov.) [29P 24]

(Devotions) [Would what oppresses a night] (23 Dec.) [DP]

Graced — graced [DP]



“An Immortality,” The Forum 69.2 (Feb.): 1246.

“This Earth”; “Glamour,” Rhythmus 1.3 (March): 46-47.

“Youth’s Ballad of Singleness”; “Vision I. Glamour”; “Vision II. The Mystic”; “Reflections,” The Morningside 12.3-4 (March-April): 47-50.




Not much more than being (24 Jan.) [29P 2]

Millennium of sun– (22 Feb.) [29P 12]

Henry Adams: A Criticism in Autobiography (original version 7 May)

The people change and the birds in the air (25 May) [DP]

Tall and singularly dark you pass among the breakers– (6 July) [29P 18]

All the stars have filled the heavens (6 July)

“It is well on this June night” (7 July)

Always the May-day sun (17 Aug.)

September among the headstones (21 Sept.)

Cars once steel and green, now old (29 Dec.) [29P 17]



“Of Dying Beauty,” Poetry 23.4 (Jan.): 197.


“The Seer”, “Sun and Rainbow,” “Louis XIV Chamber (Metropolitan Museum).” Columbia Verse: An Anthology of Verse Published in Undergraduate Magazines of Columbia University from 1897-1924, ed. Cargill Sprietsma (NY: Columbia UP). 106-108.


Ferry (16 Jan.) [29P 5]

Comes a day when the round tracts of sky (18 Feb.)

Passing tall (12 April) [29P 10]

And looking to where shone Orion (28 April) [29P 15]

And they rest: the manifold light rays— (15-16 June) [DP]

Constellation: Memory of V.I. Ulianov (3 Aug.) [29P 1]

Play lost, banjos! Across the areas of ocean’s flowing (23 Aug.)

The sun— / Sign on the wave (6 Sept.)

Aubade, 1925 (24 Sept.) [29P 16]

(The Sadness After) (Fall)

Run on, you still dead to the sound of a name (15 Oct.) [29P 19]

Across the smoke, over all past living (17 Oct.)

And about these lights, they are  the lights (8 Nov.)

Close your eyes (21 Dec.) [29P 20]

O sleep, the sky goes down behind the poplars (21 Dec.) [29P 21]

Nervure-sharp, O tipping tower (21 Dec.) [unpublished]




“A Parable of Time,” Two Worlds 1.1 (Sept.): 4.

“The Sadness After,” Two Worlds 1.2 (Dec.): 126.


Like the oceans, or the leaves of fine Southern (Jan.) [29P 25]

We are crossing the bridge now (10 Jan.) [29P 13]

How home-born the engines (25 Jan.) [unpublished]

“And the strong men shall bow themselves, and the grinders” (27 Jan)

During the Passaic Strike of 1926 (18 April) [29P 7]

Stubbing the cloud-fields—the searchlight, high (3 May) [29P 11]

(I Wait for the Train) (10 May)

(For a Thing by Bach) (14 June)

How many / Times round (19 July) [29P 6]

Only water– (30 Aug.) [29P 14]

A Preface (dated 17 Oct.) [for unpublished sequence “18 Poems to the Future”]

Poem beginning “The” (Fall-Winter 1926) [55 Poems]



“February 18, 1925” [“Comes a day when the round tracts of sky”], The Lavender 3.6 (Jan.). 20.


Song Theme (26 Jan.) [29P 23]

(Spinoza in a Winter Season) (26 Jan.)

What are these smoke-stacks (26 Jan.)

My watch! (7 March)

“He Came Also Still” (9 March)

The silence of the good that you were wrought of (10 March)

O lowering belts (14 March)

Someone said, “earth, bowed with her head, we mourn” (15 March)

During lunch hour I shall stretch opposite (15 March)

And human heat-beats; star-falling, engine-beats— (8 April)

Critique of Antheil (April)

A dying away as of trees (19 April) [29P 9]

(Awake) / Propped on the earth (28 April)

Preface—1927 (11 July)

(These States 1927) (11 July) [alternative version of above]

Autumn, then autumn—what of it? (13 Sept.)

N.Y. 1927 (13 Sept.)

Mr. Cummings and the Delectable Mountains (Review of E.E. Cumming’s Him) [“Him” in Prep]





Cactus rose-mauve and gray, twin overturned (29 Jan.) [29P 22]

Postscript to Henry Adams: A Criticism in Autobiography (21 April) [Prep]


Ask of the sun (2 June) [29P 26]

Finer was the dead artist’s hand (2 June)

Cocktails (7 June) [29P 3]

Beginning Again with William Carlos Williams (postscript to Henry Adams) (9 Oct.) [Prep]

“A”-2 (10 Oct)

“A”-7 (begun 10 Oct.)

And to paradise which is a port (29 Oct.) [29P 8]

O autumn fields, if we should break, beyond (31 Oct.)

Blue light is the night harbor-slip (1 Nov.) [29P 27]

Buoy—no, how (1 Nov.) [29P 4]




“Poem beginning ‘The,’” The Exile 3 (Spring): 7-27.

“Mr. Cummings and the Delectable Mountains”; “Preface—1927”; “Critique of Antheil”; “Constellation: In Memory of V.I. Ulianov”; “A Preface,” The Exile 4 (Autumn): 75-88.

“tam cari capitis” [Part I]; “Song Theme”; “Someone said, ‘earth’”; “The silence of the good,” The Dial 85.6 (Dec.): 458-459.


Two Dedications: D.R. (2 Feb.) [29P 29]

Two Dedications: Tibor Serly (5 Feb.) [29P 28]

“A”-4 (11 July)

Henry Adams: A Criticism in Autobiography (Hound & Horn version 14 Aug.)

Ezra Pound: His Cantos (original version 10 Aug.) [Prep]

“A”-5 (9 Sept.)



“No sound. But Sun”; “Millennium of sun—,” Blues 1.1 (Feb.): 19.

“Cocktails and signs of ‘ads,’” Transition 15 (Feb): 125.

“Across the smoke, over all past living”; “’And the strong men shall bow themselves’”; “And about these lights (East Rockaway, L.I.),” Blues 1.2 (March): 43-44.

“(Spinoza in a Winter Season)”; “September among the headstones,” The Criterion 8.32 (April): 420-421.

“Autumn, then autumn, what of it?”; “Finer was the dead artist’s hand”; “And to paradise which is a port”; “O autumn fields, if we should break” Blues 1.4 (May): 93-94.

“Siren and Signal” [sequence including “’He came also still’”; “All the stars have filled the heavens”; “Play lost banjos”; “North River Ferry” [Ferry]; “Cars once steel and green”; “Comes a day when the round tracts of sky” [“February 18, 1925”]; “During lunch hour”], Poetry 34.3 (June): 146-149.



Charles Reznikoff: Sincerity and Objectification (4 Feb.) [original version of “Sincerity and Objectification,” Prep]

Words by William Carlos Williams Re-Written by LZ (16 Feb.) [included in An “Objectivist” Anthology]

American Poetry 1920-1930 (2 June) [Prep]

“A”-7 (finished 4-7 Aug.)

“A”-6 (12-16 Aug.)

Ezra Pound’s XXX Cantos (7 Sept.)

Imagisme (Review of René Taupin’s L’Influence de symbolisme français sur la poésie américaine (de 1910 à 1920)) [two paragraphs extracted as “Influence” and “Poetic Values” in Prep]

Program “Objectivists” 1931 [Prep]


Translation of Anton Reiser’s Albert Einstein. NY: A. & C. Boni [LZ requested his name not appear].


“Cactus, rose-mauve and gray,” Pagany 1.1 (Winter): 79.

Four Poems (1926-1927) [“My watch! / Star-darkness”; “A dying away as of trees”; “And human heart-beats”; “(I wait for the train),” Blues 8 (Spring): 14-15.

Three Poems (1924-1926) [“It is well in this June night”; “And looking to where shone Orion”; “Only water,” Pagany 1.2 (Spring): 21-22.

“Henry Adams: A Criticism in Autobiography—part I,” Hound & Horn 3.3 (April-June): 333-357.

“Cantos d’ Ezra Pound,” Échanges 1.3 (Juin): 145-172 [trans. René Taupin].

“Henry Adams: A Criticism in Autobiography—part II,” Hound & Horn 3.4 (July-Sept.): 518-530.

Group from Ten Poems (1924-26) [I: “Not much more than being”; III: “Always the May-day sun”; VI: “The sun— / sign on the wave”; “Tibor Serly (from Two Dedications),” Blues 9 (Fall): 40-43.

“For a Thing by Bach,” Pagany 1.4 (Fall): 23.

“Henry Adams: A Criticism in Autobiography—part III,” Hound & Horn 4.1 (Oct.-Dec.): 46-72.

“Poem” [“Ask of the Sun”], Front 1 (Dec.): 31.

“Dedication—D.R.,” Morada 5 (Dec.): 14-15.



“London or Troy?” “Adest” [review of Basil Bunting, Redimiculum Matellarum] (Feb.)

Mr. Kagawa, Mr. Winters, Mr. Blackmur [review of Bunichi Kagawa, Hidden Flame] (28 Feb.) [unpublished]

Madison, Wis., remembering the bloom of Monticello (1 March) [29S 1]

Immature Pebbles (12 April) [29S 2]

Prop. LXI (16 April) [29S 3]

Train-Signal (26 May) [29S 4]

“Recencies” in Poetry (dated 19 Aug.) [Prep]

—“her soil’s birth” (22 Aug.) [29S 6]

Happier, happier, now (30 Nov.) [29S 8]

The Gathering (Nov.) [trans. from Apollinaire] [DP]



“American Poetry 1920-1930,” The Symposium 2.1 (Jan.): 60-84.

“A” (Seventh Movement); “University: Old Time” [as Joyce  Hopkins]; “Program: ‘Objectivists’ 1931”; “Sincerity and Objectification” I, II, III; Note to Symposium by Parker Tyler and Charles Henri Ford; Translation of René Taupin, “Three Poems by André Salmon”—I, Poetry 37.5 (Feb.): 242-246, 268-285, 287-288, 289-293 [“Objectivists” issue].

“Aubade 1925”; “Beginning again with William Carlos Williams” (Postscript to “Henry Adams”), Hound & Horn 4.2 (Jan.-March): 229-230, 261-264.

Four Poems (1924-1928) [“Buoy—no, how”; “(Awake!) / Propped on the earth”; “Tall and singularly dark you pass among the breakers—”; “Passing tall,” Pagany 2.1 (Winter): 89-90.

Translation of René Taupin, “Three Poems by André Salmon”—II, Poetry 37.6 (March): 333-339.

“The February Number” (reply to Stanley Burnshaw), Poetry 38.1 (April): 55-57 [with Burnshaw’s letter responding to the “Objectivists” issue].

“The Cantos of Ezra Pound (one section of a long essay),” The Criterion 10.40 (April): 424-440.

“Cantos di Ezra Pound.” L’Indice (Genoa) (10 & 25 April, 10 May 1931) [trans. Emanuel Carnevali].

“Poems (1927) 1 and 2” [“What are these smoke-stacks”; ”O lowering belts”], The Left 1.1 (Spring): 40.

“N.Y. 1927”; “Prose Cantos XX-XXI” [a review section under this title, with LZ’s reviews of Robert Hillyer, The Gates of the Compass, Leonora Speyer, Naked Heel & Kathleen T. Young, Ten Poems]. Nativity 2 (Spring): 55-56.

“Blue light,” Pagany 2.2 (Spring): 79.

“‘A’: third and fourth movements, ‘out of the voices’”; “Imagisme” (review of René Taupin, L’Influence du symbolisme français sur la poésie américaine), The New Review 2 (May-June-July): 83-88, 160-161.

“‘London or Troy?’ ‘Adest’” (review of Basil Bunting, Redimiculum Matellarum), Poetry 38.3 (June): 160-162.

“Ezra Pound’s XXX Cantos,” Front 4 (June): 364-369.

“Completely and Accurately” [review of Edward W. Naylor’s Shakespeare and Music, The Poems of Wilfred Owen & James Stephens’ Strict Joy and Other Poems]. The New York Sun (10 Oct.): 13.

“(Train-Signal),” Pagany 2.4 (Autumn): 80.



Who endure days like this (9 April) [29S 7]

The Writing of Guillaume Apollinaire (completed 19 April)

In Arizona (28 April) [29S 9]

Arizona (29 April) [29S 10]

The water lifted me (with Jerry Reisman & George Oppen) (10 May) [DP]

The Transition [review of Wyndham Lewis, The Doom of Youth] (19 May)

It’s a gay li – ife (26 May) [29S 5]

Song 11 (And the least see) (27 May) [DP]

After “Les Collines” (with Jerry Reisman) (27 May) [An “Objectivists” Anthology]

Whatever makes this happening (20 June) [29S 12]

in that this happening (22 June) [29S 13]

Thanks to the Dictionary (begun July) [CF]

The sand: For the cigarette finished (3 Aug.) [29S 14]

Do not leave me (15 Aug.) [29S 15]

Crickets’ / thickets (15 Aug.) [29S 16]

Imitation (10 Nov.) [29S 17]

mirror fugue on Carl Rakosi’s “The Gnat” (24 Nov) 

The mirror oval sabers playing (28 Nov.) [29S 18]

No One Inn (1 Dec.) [29S 25]

Ears beringed with fuzz (5 Dec.) [29S 20]

Snows’ night’s winds on the window rattling (13 Dec.) [29S 21]

To my wash-stand (13 Dec.) [29S 22]



An “Objectivists” Anthology, ed. LZ. Le Beausset, France and NY: To Publ. (Summer). [includes “Preface—‘Recencies’ in Poetry” (9-25), “A” 1-7 (112-155), “—Her Soil’s Birth,” “Prop. LXI,” “Madison, Wis., Remembering the Bloom of Monticello (1931)” (183-185), “Collaborations” with Kenneth Rexroth, Jerry Reisman, R.B.N. Warriston and WCW (189-200), very abbreviated versions of “Program: ‘Objectivists’ 1931” and “Sincerity and Objectification” (203-205)].


Translation of René Taupin, “The Classicism of T.S. Eliot,” The Symposium 3.1 (Jan.): 64-82.

“(Ferry)”; “Madison, Wis., Remembering the bloom of Monticello (1931),” Contact 1.1 (Feb.): 40-42.

“It’s a gay li – ife,” Contempo 1.21 (1 April): 2.

“A” (Second Movement), Poetry 40.1 (April): 26-29.

“Poem—1925” [“Run on, you still dead to the sound of a name”], Fifth Floor Window 1.4 (May): [6].

“The Transition” [review of Wyndham Lewis, The Doom of Youth], The Saturday Review of Literature (30 July): 18.

“A” (First Movement), Pagany 3.3 (Summer): 9-13.

“in that this happening” (with Latin translation by Basil Bunting), Il Mare (1 Oct.).

“The Open Mind: Physiology and a Poem,” The Lion and Crown 1.1 (Fall): 40-42 [ a short essay without any poem, published as “Anonymous,” but with note suggesting it was submitted by LZ on behalf of a student; LZ annotated his copy indicating it was dictated by LZ to Jerry Reisman to fulfill an assignment at CUNY].

“Song 9” (In Arizona); “Song 10” (“arch animals’” [Arizona]), Contact 1.3 (Oct.): 75-76.


“Poem beginning ‘The,’ 3rd-5th movements.” Profile: An Anthology Collected in MCMXXI, ed. EP. Milan: Giovanni Scheiwiller (May).



N.Y. (29 Jan.) [29S 29]

A Further Note on XXX Cantos of Ezra Pound (23 Feb.) [in Active Anthology, ed. EP]

A Junction (7 Aug.) [29S 26]

This Fall, 1933 (12 Nov.) [29S 24]

Home for Aged Bomb Throwers—U.S.S.R. (11-22 Nov.) [29S 11]

Checkers, checkmate and checkerboard (29 Nov.) [29S 19]

Song—¾ time (8 Dec.) [29S 27]



“Imitation / N.Y. 1932”; “Song 22,” The Symposium 4.2 (April): 178-181.

“Objectivists Again,” Poetry 42.2 (May): 117 [letter to the editor replying to Morris U. Schappes’ review of An “Objectivists” Anthology in Poetry 41.6 (March 1933) with brief response by Schappes 117-118].

“A Further Note on XXX Cantos by Ezra Pound,” The Windsor Quarterly 1.1 (Spring): 88-94.

“a mirror fugue to ‘The Gnat’ by Carl Rakosi,” The Windsor Quarterly 1.2 (Summer): 138-139 [without a formal title but immediately following Rakosi’s poem].

“Song 19,” Pesti Naplo (13 Aug.): 37 [included in English with an interview translated into Hungarian (see Misc. Writings)].

“Song 29,” Poetry 42.6 (Sept.): 312.

“The Writing of Guillaume Apollinaire: Le Flâneur, (I)—Il y a” (with René Taupin), The Westminster Magazine 22.4 (Winter): 9-50.


“Poem beginning ‘The’”, from “A” 5th & 6th movements, “A Further Note on [EP’s] XXX Cantos.” Active Anthology, ed. EP. London: Faber & Faber (Oct.). 111-153, 247-249.



“Specifically, a writer of music” (24 Feb.) [29S 28]

“The Immediate Aim” (7 March) [29S 23]

Sequence from “The Writing of Guillaume Apollinaire” (7 April) [arrangement of brief translations from Apollinaire]

Alba (May) [written for but not used in WCW’s opera, The First President; rewritten as “Alba, 1952”]

“Mantis” (27 Oct.) [55 Poems]

“Mantis,” An Interpretation (dated 4 Nov.) [55 Poems]



Le Style Apollinaire, trans. René Taupin. Paris: Les Presses Modernes.


“Ezra Pound: His Cantos, parts I & II,” The Observer (Memphis, TN) 2.2 (Jan.-Feb.): 3-4, 8.

“The Writing of Guillaume Apollinaire: (II)—Le Poète Ressuscité, (III)—& Cie” (with René Taupin), The Westminster Magazine 23.1 (Spring): 7-46.

“[Sequence] From ‘The Writing of Guillaume Apollinaire,’” The Columbia Review and Morningside 15.4 (May). 16-17.


“How many / times round / deck,” Negro Anthology of 1931-1933, ed. Nancy Cunard. London: Wishart & Co. (16 Feb.). 433.

“Tibor Serly (from Two Dedications),” “Madison, Wis., Remembering the Bloom of Monticello (1931).” Modern Things, ed. Parker Tyler. NY: The Galleon Press (Sept.). 73-75



“Further than”— (20 Jan.) [55 Poems]

A madrigal for 3 voices (27-28 Feb.) [Anew 27]

“A”-8 (begun 5 Aug.)

A Test of Poetry (begun)

Review of Lewis Carroll’s Russian Journal and Other Works [“Lewis Carroll” in Prep]

One’s Own Taste [review of L.H. Myers] [unpublished]

Muriel Rukeyser’s Poems [review of Theory of Flight] [unpublished]


“‘Mantis,’” Poetry 45.6 (March): 320-321.

from 29 Songs [“Home for Aged Bomb Throwers”; “American Bank-Note Factory”; “A Junction”; “Song ¾ time”], Bozart-Westminster 9.1/24.1 (Spring-Summer): 28-30.

“Review of Lewis Carroll’s Russian Journal,” New Masses 17.2 (8 Oct.): 24.



Arise, Arise (original version 27 Jan.; revised 27 June)

Modern Times (18 March) [Prep]

A Test of Poetry (cont.)



“‘Mantis’”; “‘Mantis,’ an Interpretation.” New Directions in Prose and Poetry, ed. James Laughlin IV. Norfolk, CT: New Directions. 167-175.



Motet (15 Jan.) [I’s]

che di lor suona su nella tua vita (4 Feb.) [Anew 1]

One lutenist played look (2 March) [Anew 2]

“A”-8 (revised and completed 14 July)

The green plant grows (2 Dec.) [Anew 3]



“The Labor Process (from ‘A’-8),” New Masses 24.5 (27 July): 16.


“Trio for Workers (a madrigal) Unaccompanied” [Madrigal for 3 voices]. Contemporary American Men Poets: An Anthology of Verse by 459 Living Poets, ed. Thomas Del Vecchio (NY: Henry Harrison). 168.

“Aubade: 1925,” “Ferry” [“How many / Times”], “Madison, Wis., Remembering the Bloom of Monticello (1931),” “Constellation (Memory of V.I. Ulianov),” “Poem” [“And looking to where shone Orion”], “Poem: Train Signal” [“With stars past troughs”]. Poetry Out of Wisconsin, eds. August Derleth & Raymond E.F. Larsson (NY: Henry Harrison Poetry Publ.). 310-314.



So sounds grass, and if it is sun or no sun (27-28 Feb.) [Anew 4]

Ah spring, when with a thaw of blue (2 March) [Anew 5]

Anew, sun, to fire summer (1-4 Aug.) [Anew 6]

“A”-9, first half (begun, 9 Aug.)

A foin lass bodders,  1st strophe (9-21 Aug.) [First Half of “A”-9]

American Ironwork 1585-1856 (27 Aug.) [Useful Art]

When the crickets (28 Aug.) [Anew 7]

A foin lass bodders, 2nd strophe (1 Sept.-8 Nov.) [First Half of “A”-9]

Chalkware (26 Sept.) [Useful Art]

Glad they were there (22 Nov.) [Anew 29]

Has the sum (5 Dec.) [Anew 8]

For you I have emptied the meaning (6 Dec.) [Anew 9]

What are these songs (6 Dec.) [Anew 10]

A Test of Poetry (cont.)



“‘March Comrades’ (Words for a workers’ chorus, from ‘”A”-8’),” New Masses 27.6 (3 May): 14.

“A”-8. New Directions 1938, ed. James Laughlin (Norfolk, CT: New Directions): 93-149.


“‘The’ (third movement)” [from “Poem beginning ‘The’”]. Biographical Dictionary of Contemporary Poets. NY: Avon House.



A foin lass bodders, 3rd strophe (begun 4 Jan, finished 11 April) [First Half of “A”-9]

American Tinware (9 Jan.) [Useful Art]

The rains, the rains (7 March) [Anew 28]

The lines of this new song are nothing (7 March) [Anew 20]

American Kitchenware (3 April) [Useful Art]

A last cigarette (15 May) [Anew 13]

Preface to Sincerity and Objectification (22 June?) [unpublished selection of criticism]

Thanks to the Dictionary (final arrangement 16 Aug.)

Gulls over a rotting hull (1-3 Sept.) [Anew 23]

Henry Adams (revised)

Drive, fast kisses (12-13 Oct.) [Anew 33]

My nephew (20-21 Oct.) [Anew 31]

The men in the kitchens (28 Oct.) [Anew 24]

Catullus viii (Nov.?) [Anew 22]

A Pair of New York Water Pitchers (7 Nov.) [Useful Art]

The Henry Clay Figurehead (16 Nov.) [Useful Art]

American Tinsmiths (21 Nov.) [Useful Art]

A foin lass bodders, 4th strophe (27 Nov.) [First Half of “A”-9]

Binnacle Figure—1851 (18 Dec.) [Useful Art]

“Foreword” & “The ‘Form'” [First Half of “A”-9] (24 Nov.)

“Wide Awake” Lantern and Eagle (29 Dec.) [Useful Art]

A Test of Poetry (cont.)




Duncan Phyfe (11 Jan.) [Useful Art]

Carpenters of New Amsterdam (24 Jan.) [Useful Art]

Remmey and Crolius Stoneware (8 Feb.) [Useful Art]

Light 2: A house where every (25 Feb.) [ST]

The Caswell Carpet (29 Feb.) [Useful Art]

Friendship Quilts (14 March) [Useful Art]

“A”-9, first half (completed 1 April)

A foin lass bodders, 5th strophe and envoi (completed 1 April) [First Half of “A”-9]

Cotton Historical Prints (4 April) [Useful Art]

“A”-10 (10 June-31 July)

Light 15: I’m a mosquito (4-5 Aug.)

The bird that cries like a baby (30 Sept.) [Anew 18]

The world autumn (26 Nov.) [Anew 37]

Arise, Arise (revised 30 Nov.)

Light 11: Who in snow (original version 3 Dec.) [ST]

A Test of Poetry (completed)



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No road! (1 Jan; rev. 28 April) [DP]

A Keystone Comedy (19 Jan.) [CF]

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Ferdinand (begun Feb.) [CF]

Belly Lox Shnooks Oaky (7 April) [DP]

Belly Locks Shnooks Oakie (7 April) [Anew 38]

And so till we have died (8 April) [Anew 19]

Light 11: Who in snow (revised 8 April) [ST]

Strange (28 April) [Anew 36]

Light 8:  See, 10: A Round (revised), 13: Why daylight saving (28 April) [ST]

Eat the pie? (1 May) [unpublished]

1892-1941 (6 June) [Anew 26]

Light 6: An ornament of sentiment (19 July) [ST]

It was (begun 4 Aug.) [CF]

Guillaume de Machault (1300-1377) (5-6 Nov.) [Anew 17]

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No it was no dream of coming death (3-5 Dec.) [Anew 15]

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One friend (22 March) [Anew 39]

In the midst of things (revised 29 March) [Anew 11]

Ferdinand (completed 17 June)

“A” 1-6 (revised 19 July-6 Aug.)

Dometer Guczul (12 Aug.) [Prep]

Can a mote of sunlight defeat its purpose (15 Sept.) [Anew 21]

“One oak fool box”; —the pun (2 Dec.) [Anew 14]

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After Charles Sedley (14 Feb.) [Anew 41]

Light 3: Because Tarzan triumphs (31 March-3 April) [ST]

Light 12: R.A.E. (1 April) [ST]

You three: —my wife (27 May) [Anew 42]

To my baby Paul (23 Oct.) [Anew 43]

Basic (26 Nov.) [Prep]

What Passion for a Baby?  (1 Dec.) [original version of “Light 7: With passion for a baby,” ST]

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Light 1: (completed 1944) [ST]

To Go On [trans. from Alain Bosquet] [DP]



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It’s hard to see but think of a sea (17 Jan.) [Anew 12]

Even if love convey (20-21 Feb.) [Anew 32]

The Letter of Poor Birds (1-5 March) [Anew 34]

for Zadkine (7 May) [Anew 25]

I walk in the old street (29 May-22 June) [Anew 16]



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Poetry/For My Son When He Can Read (May, finished 22 Dec.) [Prep]

Sequence 1944-6 4: Having outlived self-offense (original version 2-3 Sept.) [ST]

Sequence 1944-6 3: Heart too human (original version 7-8 Sept.) [ST]

A Song for the Year’s End 1 (30 Sept.) [ST]




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que j’ay dit devant 2 (26 Aug.) [ST]

que j’ay dit devant 1 (22 Oct.) [ST]



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Non Ti Fidar (19 Feb.) [ST]

Some time has gone (25 Feb.) [ST]

Chloride of Lime and Charcoal I (13-16 Aug., 7 Sept.) [ST]

Chloride of Lime and Charcoal II (28 Oct.) [ST]

Chloride of Lime and Charcoal III (29 Oct.) [ST]

Bottom: on Shakespeare (cont.)



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George Washington (22 Feb.) [ST]

Review of Vivienne Koch’s William Carlos Williams (19 March) [Prep; this includes “An Old Note on WCW,” see introductory notes to Prepositions on dating this piece]

And Without (1 April) [ST]

Perch Less (2 June) [ST]

“A”-9, second half (completed 18 Aug.)

Little Baron Snorck, chapters 1-8 (completed 12 Nov.) [Little]

You Are Old Dr. Gluillens (12-15 Nov.) [Little]

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Bottom: on Shakespeare (cont.)



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Bottom: on Shakespeare (cont.)



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Old (10-11 May) [ST]

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Bottom: on Shakespeare (cont.)



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For Selma Gubin’s Umbrellas (5 Jan.) [ST]

SONGS OF DEGREES 1: With a Valentine (the 12 February) (12 Feb.) [ST]

SONGS OF DEGREES 2: With a Valentine (the 14 February) (14 Feb.) [ST]

SONGS OF DEGREES 3: ‘Nor did the prophet’ (original version 28 July) [ST]

The Judge and The Bird (23 Oct.-3 Nov.) [ST]

All of December Toward New Year’s (21 Dec.) [ST]

H.T. (27 Dec.) [ST]

Bottom: on Shakespeare (cont.)



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It was (revised 19 March)

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The Guests (21 Aug.) [ST]

Shang Cup (5 Nov.) [ST]

Claims (5-6 Nov.) [ST]

The Laws Can Say (5-6 Nov.) [ST]

An Incident (16 Nov.) [ST]

Bottom: on Shakespeare (cont.)



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Preface? [for Jonathan Williams, Amen/Huzza/Selah, 1960] (7 April)

This is after all vacation (19-20 June) [BW 1]

Bottom: on Shakespeare (cont.)


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A Valentine (2 Feb.) [BW 4]

The Heights (25-27 Feb.) [BW 5]

Send regards to Ida the bitch (9 May) [BW 6]

4 Other Countries (begun Summer) [BW 12]

Stratford-on-Avon (1 & 4 July, 4 & 30 Aug.) [BW 7]

“What I Come to Do Is Partial” [review of Robert Creeley’s The Whip] (15 Oct.)

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Bottom: on Shakespeare (cont.)



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Ashtray (3 April) [BW 9]

Another Ashtray (8 April) [BW 10]

Forward [5 Statement on Poetry] (9 May)

William Carlos Williams: A Citation (20 May) [Prep]

Head Lines (13 July) [BW 11]

4 Other Countries (completed 1 Sept.) [BW 12]

Bottom: on Shakespeare (cont.)



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Homage (17 Jan.) [I’s]

I’s (pronounced eyes): Fiddler Age Nine (5 Feb.) [I’s]

1959 Valentine (6-7 Feb.) [I’s]

To Friends, for Good Health (28 Feb.-2 March) [I’s]

Wire (1-2 March) [I’s]

Peri Poietikes (27 March) [I’s]

Little (outline for chapters 9-35, 29 March)

I’s (pronounced eyes): Red azaleas (2 May) [I’s]

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Jaunt (20-21 July) [I’s]

Hill (27 Oct.) [I’s]

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Bottom: on Shakespeare (cont.)



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Index to Prepositions

Prefatory Note to Prepositions (final version)




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Note on Composition Dates

Dates of composition that appear in parentheses indicate dates on manuscripts listed in Booth or Henderson, who have catalogued the complete LZ manuscript collection at the Humanities Research Center at the University of Texas at Austin as of 1987. Virtually all LZ’s manuscripts (he never typed) are carefully dated, either at the time of composition or retrospectively, which allows us to construct a reasonably accurate chronology. However, although it appears these manuscript dates usually indicate the completion date of original versions, it is often not possible to be certain about this and these precise dates should be taken with caution. Specific dates of composition for 80 Flowers, based on LZ’s draft and fair copy notebooks, can be found in Leggott (364-368), whose chart can be consulted for the dates of individual poems in that volume. For many of the poems LZ published in The Morningside, while a student at Columbia University, he wrote in dates of composition (usually just the year) in his copies that he sent to the HRC.

There are a number of apparent typographical errors or mistranscriptions in Booth, which I note below:

Booth C51 Aubade, 1929

Title should be Aubade, 1925 (Henderson)

Booth C73 Checkers, Checkmate and checkerboard

            Date 29nov32 the year should be 33 (CZ)

Booth C92 (For a Thing by Each)

Title should be Bach for Each (Henderson)

Booth C103 Has the sum

            Date 5dec58 the year should be 38

Booth C104 Head Lines

            Date 13jul58; Niedecker’s copy has 13aug58 (Henderson)

Booth C102 It’s a gay li – ife

            Date 26May36 the year should be 32 (CZ)

Booth C164 Prop. LXI

            Date 16apr30 the year should be 31 (CZ)

            [LZ sent this poem to WCW in a letter dated 16 April 1931, and mentions it in a 25 April 1931 letter to EP]

Booth C178e William Carlos Williams alive!

            Date 3aug54 the day should be 30/31

            [LZ sent this poem to WCW in a 31 Aug. 1954 letter clearly indicating he had just written it]

Booth C238a You who were made for this music
Booth notes that there is an earlier date of 12/20/52 noted on the manuscript, which in fact is the actual date of composition in LZ’s notebook (see HRC 3.13).